Which program is best for eyecare?

Are you deciding which program to join? Currently, Peachstate offers the best eyecare program for adults and children and Wellcare is right behind. Peach State and Well Care provide glasses for both adults and children. Amerigroup only provides exams and glasses for children. For adults, Amerigroup only offers eye exams for medical issues and not glasses.

We offer both exams and free glasses for Amerigroup patients who qualify

Learning starts at a very young age. We recommend bringing your child starting at age 3 for routine eye checkups unless you feel your child is already having vision problems (watches TV too close, holds onto furniture or parent very closely, bumps into walls, eyes turn in, etc.) Our doctors can see children as young as 6 months.

We handle all 4 types of Medicaid programs (Peach State, Amerigroup, Wellcare, GA Better Health) - We are available to help you and your child with eye exams and Amerigroup eyeglasses. If your child has Amerigroup, Wellcare, or Peach State, you can receive the Amerigroup glasses as soon as 3 weeks. We are equipped to handle Amerigroup glasses at 4 of our Wal-mart locations.

Appointments are in limited supply. Please call and follow the instructions provided by our staff to make an appointment. Please have your Amerigroup number available or child's Social Security number and date of birth.

We are inside Wal-mart Vision Center.

Gresham Road in East Atlanta (404)244-3990
Avondale/Decatur location: (404) 284-0701
Marietta: (770) 955-5019
Midtown/Howell Mill Rd: (404) 352-3414

**Note: We do not take outside eyeglass prescriptions for Amerigroup glasses. You must see our doctors in order to receive the Amerigroup glasses. Unfortunately, Amerigroup does not cover routine eye exams or glasses for anyone over 21. We can accept Amerigroup for adults if you have a medical issue with your eyes. Anyone 21 years of age or older and has WellCare will pay a $10 co-pay for the exam and glasses. PeachState patients are eligible for a free eye exam and glasses whether you are a child or an adult. If you just have Medicaid(GA Better Health) or Medicaid and Medicare, this Medicaid program will only allow children under 21 to receive glasses and this program may take more than 4 weeks to receive the glasses.


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